Sheer Joy | LOOK FABULOUS Collection | HF Synthetic

$ 625.00


What is It?
A low density silky layered bob with a very slight wave that falls just below the collar that will part anywhere. Our Style-Able Effortless™ fiber matches the density of fine human hair and is double knotted by hand into a soft sheer monofilament lace mesh top and lace front for a realistic undetectable hairline for all day, every day comfort.

Who’s It For?
Anyone that prefers the versatility of low density of style-able hair that can be brushed full or sleek and parts anywhere.

Why Is It Different?
Our unique Sheer Comfort cap is specially crafted so the hair appears to be growing right out of your scalp and hairline. Hand layering allows for a low density of hair but full coverage without any bulk or weight usually associated with wigs.

Synthetic hair that is smooth, silky, and gorgeous? Absolutely!

Synthetic Style-Able Effortless™ Fiber: Feels like, looks like, wears like perfect salon cut hair. Style-Able Effortless™ Fiber was developed specifically for the LOOK Fabulous collection™ from TressAllure® to achieve softness, manageability, and the life-like locks that you’ve longed for. Made only for TressAllure® and by us, each strand is tapered from end to end for full but sleek lustrous realistic hair.

Full-Array of Colors: TressAllure TressDimensional® Colors feature warm brunettes, cool blondes, radiant reds, and gorgeous grays.

TressAllure Quality Assurance: TressAllure uses only the finest soft pliable cap materials and our effortless synthetic fiber for a product that will continue to look beautiful after multiple washings. Care instructions are included with every TressAllure® wig and extension.

TressAllure After Care products recommended for optimal results.

Complete Care Instructions and matching wig cap liner come with all TressAllure® wigs.


Cap Size: Average 21½”
Hair Length: Overall 3″ – 7½”
Fringe: 5″ – 6″
Crown: 6½” – 7½”
Nape: 7½”
Weight: 3.3 oz


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